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Biographie How to Make a Good Flip Top Cap Mould

Flip top cap mould is required much for different kinds of flip top caps for shampoo bottle,oil bottle,tomato sauce bottle and so on. For a good flip top cap mould,it means we could produce good flip top caps with same quality,and the flip top cap mould could run fully automatically with high production efficiency.For a good flip top cap,first,when push the flip top to close,there should have sound;when we open the flip top cap to a certain location,it could open fast by itself,this required the butterfly design and also suitable raw material for the flip top cap;when the flip top cap is closed with the bottle,it must have water proof function.

First,when push the flip top to close,there should have sound;when we open the flip top cap to a certain location,it could open fast by itself,this required the butterfly design and also suitable raw material for the flip top cap;when the flip top cap is closed with the bottle,it must have water proof function.

Second,flip top cap mould tooling,we use stainless steel material for the core and cavity,which required twice tooling.The tooling accuracy is highly required,both for the matching and butterfly function.especially for the butterfly thickness,it will decide the flip top cap closing&opening stretch.

Third,flip top cap mould testing and production.The experience for machine setting is very important for this kind of mould,include the injection speed and pressure setting.Olny when we consider for all the factors,we could get a high quality flip top cap mould.

After you know the requirement for a good flip top cap, you could make the flip top cap mould accordingly.First,flip top cap mould design,the important is for injection gate location choosing,cooling system design and ejection structure design. After the mould design finished, you can have a meeting to discuss about the mould movement to improve the mould structure.

What is the Process of Plastic Bottle Cap Mold Injection Molding?

We all know that plastic molds are all about a single product. Different plastic products, the plastic molds it develops will be different. Sometimes even the same plastic products use different requirements, so the plastic molds we process will be different. From the perspective of plastic materials, plastics have the following effects on the mold. Different plastics will have different shrinkage, this is when we consider processing plastic molds, we must pay attention to the shrinkage rate of plastic molds. Before we open the plastic mold, we must determine the shrinkage of the mold, otherwise it will easily cause the mold to be scrapped. Especially large plastic molds,now let's take a look at part of the manufacturing process of plastic bottle caps

1. Plasticization: The process of heating and melting granular plastic into a viscous fluid melt in a cylinder.

2. Injection filling: The screw advances rapidly, and the plastic melt is injected into the cavity to allow the molten material to fill the cavity.

3. Pressure preservation and feeding: The melt shrinks due to cooling, but as the screw process continues to move forward slowly, the melt in the barrel continues to be injected into the cavity to supplement the need for shrinkage.

4. Cooling after the gate is frozen.

The plastic at the gate is completely frozen until the article is ejected from the cavity, and the plastic in the cavity still has temperature, pressure, and volume changes during this phase. When the product is demolded, the pressure in the cavity is not necessarily equal to the external pressure, and the difference between the pressure in the cavity and the external pressure is residual stress. When the residual stress is positive, demolding is difficult and the product is easily scratched or rupture. When it is negative, there is a depression on the surface of the product or a vacuum bubble inside the product.

What are the Technical Points of the Five-gallon Cap Injection Mold?

The best (most suitable) mold steel applied to different mold parts could help on cost saving too. And of course that it is under the nice mold design, otherwise, no matter how good the steel is, the quality of the mold would be general or terrible. The 5 gallon mold has been designed with the appropriate steel. In order to ensure the good quality that customers want, it can help to choose the right die steel, so what is the technical key in its manufacturing process?

1. the product molding cycle is a very important factor, the bottle cap can seal water, because it is related to their product production efficiency. Optimizing the mold structure design and cooling system is the key.

2. good molds must have a long working life at high speeds.The hand tear ring can be easily torn off and not too thin. To do this, you must use high-quality cap injection mold material and parts. It also maintains the simple structure of the Sinonova 5-gallon lid injection mold.

3. a reasonable choice of high-precision mold processing equipment and projects to follow up the team, the QC department to implement the entire project, which will directly lead to less time to modify and adjust the mold later. And a reasonable choice of processing technology will shorten the entire cap injection mold processing time Five-gallon cap mould manufacturer odinmould,also the release mode has different options for different five-gallon caps.

How are Plastic Bottle Caps Made?

Bottle caps are unavoidable parts of our dailylife Bottle cap mould has significancein water bottles, drugs containers, and diverse sectorsKnowing the manufacturing details of different bottle caps is a top priority to enjoy the optimum performance and excellence of bottle cap mold. Plastic bottle caps are obligatory components to protect the substances inside of a bottle. Bottle cap mould functions like an enclosure of containers. You need to follow some specific techniques during the production of bottle caps. Usually, plastic bottle caps are made through injection moulding production and the production moulding production methods. In both ways, several plastic materials like HDPE, LDPE, etc are supremely effective. The production procedure starts with sucking the combination of plastic materials into bottl cap injection molding machine's barel. Then, you have to heat the barrel until the materia's mixture turns into a mediummelt plastic phase. After the completion of heating, it is placed in the hole of the mould. Then, you need to makethis cool enough to take the cavity shape. In the last segment, it is required to demould it. You willet the desired plastic bottle caps after the cutting and padding process.This is the basic method for plastic bottle mould. You can find some slight dffereces in this making concerning the moulding process. Plastics are the most common materials in bottle cap mold. Though plastics have numerous categories, reusable plastics are worthwhile for the production of bottle caps. While choosing plastics, you need to consider some factors. It is a vital issue for bottle cap mold. Plastic materials having sufficient resistance against external forces are preferable. It increases the longevity of bottle caps. Like water container caps are comparatively less robust than prescription bottle caps. Besides, the physical state of the content inside of a bottle is also important. The use of plastics in bottle cap mold should be different in the case of powder or liquid substances. Considering the factors mentioned above, we recommend you the following plastics are widely used in bottle cap mold.

What Should be Noticed When You Use Flip Cap Mould?

Flip Top Cap can be named butterfly cover ,because the cap hinge part is like the butterfly ,Which belongs to the high technical mould. All Flip Top cap have a common feature ,the hinge part is the most important for the whole cap. Now the flip top caps are widely used in lots of area ,such as cosmetic ,detergent packaging ,edible oil packaging ,some medicine packaging and also some water cap packaging.

Do you prefer to have a top quality flip top cap mold durable manufacturing & simply maintenance?

What should be paid attention during the flip cap two color mold design?

How to achieve the hinged part flexible, and the two colors not over flow at the same time??

Which material should be used for the in mold close structure? To have it smooth function, fast speed, light weight but also strong strength!

How to achieve the fast cycle time for the shampoo caps molding?? 
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